VMAs Style – Who dressed the best?

The VMAs were on Saturday night, as I’m sure anyone with an internet connection knows. Miley Cyrus won best video for Wrecking Ball, which in fairness is a pretty great song. And any music video that is capable of garnering so many parodies and spoofs definitely deserves some kind of commemoration for its contribution to the zeitgeist. It’s such a memorable video.

Anyway. More importantly, the great and the good of the music industry were out in full force on the red carpet. And there were some truly amazing and well-put-together looks. And, as always in the weird world of celebrity, some not-so-well-thought-out looks. To put it mildly.

Here are my favourite, amazing-looking looks of the night:

YesCollage2.jpg Ok, if you described Gwen Stefani’s outfit to me and I couldn’t see it, I’d probably think it sounded disgusting. But she has so much style and she pulls it off amazingly! The colour is beautiful on her features. Lovelovelove.

Kylie Jenner’s dress is a bit forgettable to me, but oh my wow does Kendall look amazing or what?! Such effortless chic, full marks A++.

Laverne Cox looks so well put together to me, what a perfect LBD. Simple and stunning.

YesCollage1.jpgI am loving Nicki Minaj’s classy new look! While I’m not loving the snakeskin print, she looks undeniably gorgeous. The cut of this dress really complements her figure, and I love her pin-up style hair!

Queen Bee looked amaze as always. I kind of hate her over the top earrings though? You can see them better in other pictures. Either way, she looks so glamorous and beautiful, and her performance was incredible.

Chloe Moretz has such great style! I love this little outfit, it’s so classy and understated.

Here are the looks I’m not sure what to think about. I mean I think I like them but yet I really don’t #conflicted:

OKCollage.jpg Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. I love the colours. But this playsuit is just too close to looking like a legit babygro to be hot. At the same time though she still looks beautiful. Girl could wear a binbag and look amazing, life is unfair.

Same goes for Ariana Grande. She won best pop video, which is pretty exciting for her. But to me, this outfit is just too tacky. Too much leather, too much gold, too much logo. Her hair and make up look fab as always though.

Ok, I actually really like Kim Kardashian’s outfit. I love the print and the colour, and the fit on her, but it just looks like it’s missing something. Like a camisole. Or a bra. Even a bandeau? Enough said.

And here are the worst looks of the night (in my opinion) (sorry not sorry but you’re all beautiful people anyway):


Solange is a beautiful woman, but you’d never know it in this outfit! Too much hair too much baggy too much weird.

Amber Rose, no words. She’s a beautiful lady but this is just too much. It must have been so uncomfortable to wear that all night?

This might be controversial, but I really didn’t like Iggy Azalea’s dress. I love her, but it’s just too futuristic-looking or something – to me it looks like she’s dressing up as a time traveller prom attendee or something.

Ok, I feel bad including Jennifer Lopez because, come on, her body is amazing for any age never mind her age. But I just really don’t like this. It’s too flashy or showy or tacky or something. She looks like she’s taking a break from her Vegas stage show, not like she’s on a classy red carpet. Sorry.


Special mention to Katy Perry, who won Best Female Video (for Dark Horse) and treated us to a throwback to Britney and Justin in 2001. It’s not stylish, it’s not 2014, but she looks amazing and it was such a fun thing for her to do!


Who were your standouts from the VMAs? Do you agree with me or am I way off the mark?


Disclaimer: I am not a stylish person, I’m just a teeny bit judgmental and have too much time on my hands today.


Images: billboard.com 

Disclaimer 2: I don’t own these images and I have no claim to them whatsoever. If anyone would like me to take them down just let me know by emailing awksirishgirl@gmail.com.


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