Emmys 2014 Style – Classy Dresses & An Apology


So, as if the VMAs weren’t enough for one week, the Emmys took place last night! I enjoyed the Emmys style so much more than that at the VMAs – I think because it’s a slightly more up-brow do and therefore the gowns are that bit more classy-beautiful.

Okay, so when I was giving out my unprompted opinions on the VMAs, I talked about the dresses I loved and liked and didn’t like. I was a little negative about some of the looks and the beautiful ladies wearing them.

I think I need to recalibrate.

As women we face so much criticism from all aspects of society, especially as regards our appearance – what we wear, what we don’t wear, how much we weigh, how we look. I’m sorry for adding to that and I don’t want to be a part of that system.

Imagine the confidence that it takes to walk out onto the red carpet into the flashing lights, in full awareness of all of the snide words and harsh criticism that will follow. I don’t think I could.

The men of the red carpet are not treated the same way and that is not fair.

I know, the celebrities have armies of stylists and bags of money and flawless looks.

But who am I to hurl vitriol their way?

So for this post I’m just going to talk about the looks that I love. I’m also posting some looks that I think were misguided, at best. But I’m not going to be snarky.

I’m not sure that I’m being overly sensitive here – I’d love to know what others think. Comment if you have an opinion 🙂Collage1Princesses.jpgThe beautiful powerful princess dress was out in full force at the Emmys. Dascha Polanco, Sarah Silverman and Claire Danes all looked so stunning and well-dressed. 
Collage3Beautiful.jpgI think that January Jones was such a knock-out – her outfit was just so dramatic and wow. Other knock-outs included but were not limited to Sofia Vergara, Christina Hendricks, and Danielle Brooks.Collage4Modern.jpgI loved these more modern looks. Natasha Lyonne’s dress is so classy and yet flirty – it really suits her. Michelle Dockery’s dress is so interesting and beautiful; it has such a gorgeous, timeless shape. Julia Roberts looks amazing and her dress is amazing and she is amazing. I’m really surprised that I like Kelly Osbourne’s dress but she really makes it work!Collage2ClassyLadies.jpgI really love these ladies’ classic styles. Kate Mulgrew looks stunning and a world away from Red, her character on Orange is the New Black. Same goes for Taylor Schilling; her sheer dress is so perfect and falls on her beautifully. Lucy Liu looks gorgeous, and so classy. I really think she may never age.


Finally, here’s a round-up of the looks I felt really didn’t work so well:Collage6Misguided.jpgCollage5Misguided.jpgBut these are all beautiful women that I admire loads (especially Laverne Cox, Lena Dunham and Amy Poehler). So what does it matter.



Images: Sourced from vulture.com. Gif made by user guaa @gifsoup.com

These are not my images and I do not have any claim over them. Please let me know at awksirishgirl@gmail.com if you would like them to be removed.


4 thoughts on “Emmys 2014 Style – Classy Dresses & An Apology

  1. I think you’re right. As women we face so much criticism but at the same time–look at the variety we have of clothing and designs compared to men! We sure also have it more glam 🙂


    1. That’s true! But I do slightly envy that in a way – for special occasions it’s so easy for a man to decide what to wear! And don’t get me started on high heels 😦
      I do love dressing up though – I just dislike the difference in effort required, it seems unfair 😉


  2. Gah- SO many gorgeous looks at the Emmys! I do agree, though. There is a ridiculous amount of pressure put on those ladies from the media and people watching. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of some outfits personally, I always admire the women who wear something unique, outrageous, or over-the-top! It always makes things more interesting 🙂


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