Link Love – 23 Aug

Link loveSo I go on the internet, like, way too much. Here are some interesting links I’ve found in that crazy place:

Daniel Radcliffe is the best. How well shot is this video too?

This fashion blogger has owned up to photoshopping some of her photos. Fair play to her! Though it is a sobering reminder of the fact that unrealistic body expectations are thrown at us from every aspect of the media, not just the fashion mags.

Okay, these aren’t all puns (silly Buzzfeed writer), but I appreciate their efforts to bring all of Bo Burnham’s vines together in one delightful place. They crack me up every time.

Joy the Baker has the perfect solo pick-me-up treat. Unbelievably trying this!

JK Rowling releases new info on a minor character.

Important myth debunking from the Irish Abortion Rights Campaign.

Brilliant motor neuron disease challenge video where the Irish mammy just doesn’t get it.

The Atlantic talks juice cleanses. They’re not positive about them. Agree agree agree.

This makes me so happy:

The Girls crew have released a teaser for the new season! While I’m excited for the new season, this video just doesn’t cut it. Where is the intrigue???

Young man who has been diagnosed with motor neuron disease speaks out about the ice bucket challenge:

New music from Ariana Grande and the Weeknd:


Hope your weekend is lovely!


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