Free Travel Apps for Android


Went a bit mad downloading apps for my travels today! Here are my favourite travel-specific ones:

  1. Tripadvisor Best website for reviews in terms of both the quantity of reviews and their honesty, in my opinion. This app is great, I especially love that you can download all of the info for a city (including maps) onto your phone so that you can view this offline!
  2. XE Currency App Helpful app that allows you to quickly calculate currency exchanges.
  3. Perfect World Clock Allows you to keep track of the time in whatever cities you’d like – mine is set with Dublin, Abu Dhabi (I have a stopover there) and Colombo.
  4. Image It Lite This app is pretty cool! It has images of various things you might need to ask for while abroad, sorted into categories, so that if you’re finding it hard to make yourself understood you can simply point to what you need.
  5. Packing List Lite This app has a packing list for holidays and allows you to check off items as you pack. You can customise the list yourself based on your own preferences and plans!


So I’m back! I used all of these apps while I was away and here’s what I thought…

  1. The Tripadvisor app was great as per usual! I did find it a bit sparse and untidy when it came to some cities/towns though. The biggest downside of using the app is that you close yourself off to some places and restaurants that are off the beaten track, but if you’re looking for somewhere dependably good, or just some reassurance, this is the best!
  2. The XE app was amazing and so helpful. Love love love five stars the end.
  3. The Perfect World Clock was also super useful! Maybe my lack of technological aptitude is at fault here (sorry if so!), but I wish they did some kind of widget so you can put it on your home screen – that would be amazing.
  4. Image It Lite seemed like a great idea but I never used it. Usually when someone couldn’t understand me it was with regard to a concept that was too complex to be explained with a simple picture. (What time will the bus go? Yes I know it goes from there but when will it go?? Pointing furiously at watch and bus. Time??? Bus???) So. Frustrating.
  5. Packing List Lite was so useless! It didn’t have all the random little items I needed to pack (obvs can’t go without my retainer, malaria tablets and intense lip balm) and those random things are the ones I always forget! It would take so long to write all those little things on a list so I just hoped for the best. I think I was just expecting too much of a miracle app to be honest! 

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