Penney’s Haul

Like any Irish girl who loves her bargains, I am a huge Penney’s fan! I’m doing a lot of travelling over the next month so I hit Penney’s over the weekend to see what I could see. As usual I ended up buying far more than I’d intended..

I love this casual top! I’m not overly gone on the dress though, I bought it in a rush. I’m tempted to return it, but it was only €7 so it didn’t cause too much financial damage.


I bought these two tops for work. The colours didn’t come out great as my photography skills are non-existent, but the top on the left is a bright green colour, and that on the right is black.


I needed shampoo and conditioner, and these caught my eye by the tills. I feel like the Argan bandwagon has reached epic proportions, and the price of these means that it’s highly unlikely that they contain very much argan oil, but I’ll give them a try. Baby wipes are such a handy thing to have around, though I really dislike the smell of these, I don’t think I’ll be buying them again.


Pretty work shoes need no explanation.


I was so happy to find these pretty pyjama shorts! I have so many old t-shirts that are so comfy that I rarely wear actual pyjama tops. These shorts came in a two pack for €5 – bargain. (Apologies for my toes making an appearance.) 


I actually really dislike wearing rings, but I’ll be travelling in Asia next week and I’ve heard that it’s much easier to deflect unwanted attention as a female traveller if you say that you’re married. So I bought these to help adorn my otherwise vacant ring finger. I really hate the idea, but if it works it works!


I bought this to help me survive monsoon season! I actually love it, it’s a parka style rain jacket with helpful draw strings at the waist and around the hood. It’s pretty long as well, covering my bum. My favourite thing about it is the fact that the bag isn’t separate (I always lose those), you actually just bundle the whole thing into its own pocket – pretty nifty!

That’s about it, though I also bought some blue jeggings (unpictured as they’re surprising difficult to photograph) and a cardigan (unpictured because I already wore it and it’s dirty).

Successful weekend, thank you Penney’s!


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